Our mission at Straight Talk Dental is to empower patients to make smart decisions.

Dentistry today rarely is just between you and your dentist. There’s the insurance company, an insurance broker, your employer, the government – and sometimes even a corporation that reminds your dentist about things like profit margins and billable time.

All of these players can be more focused on their own interests rather than what is best for you. At Straight Talk Dental, we provide independent, objective clinical information that puts you in charge of your treatment.

Who We Are

Straight Talk Dental was created to be an unbiased source of information for patients.

Most offices combine diagnosis and treatment – they recommend a treatment, provide the procedure, and then bill you for their work.  Straight Talk Dental is only a diagnostic service. Our opinions do not come with a sales pitch. We educate you about your options and provide our written recommendation for you.

Why Our Service is Valuable

Suppose you go to a car lot and tell the salesman you need transportation to get to work. His diagnosis is that you need a luxury sedan with leather seats and a built-in entertainment center. The price is more than you expected to spend, but he offers to arrange financing and asks “How would you like to pay?” So you buy the car.

Sound familiar?  Of course not.  Most consumers would gather much more information before deciding on which car is most suitable for their needs.  But now think about how you buy your dental work.  What sounds silly for car shopping is generally what happens at the dental office.

The purpose of Straight Talk Dental is to provide objective information and advice to help people be better-informed consumers.  We can offer you a second opinion about your dentist’s recommendations, or you can get a “first opinion” before seeking repair work.

How Our Service Works

1. Call 916-616-6712 to schedule an appointment at our Carmichael office for an in-person consultation with a dentist-advisor. (We also provide phone consultations for those outside the Sacramento area, but a thorough diagnosis requires an in-person consultation.

2. If you have recent X-rays, contact your dental office to have them transmitted to Straight Talk Dental. We can take new X-rays if desired, although there is an additional fee. Consultations can be performed without X-rays, but a thorough evaluation depends on the important information that X-rays reveal.  X-rays can be emailed to khajek@straighttalkdental.net

3. During your consultation, your dentist-advisor will examine your teeth and X-rays, answer your questions, explain his diagnosis and treatment options in detail, and provide you with a written recommendation.

4. As a separate service, your dentist-advisor can examine your home care practices to identify why you may be having problems, show you how to prevent them, and help you avoid future dental work.

Who Founded Straight Talk Dental?

Dr. Ken Hajek established Straight Talk Dental in Carmichael, CA.  A dentist with over thirty years of experience, Dr. Hajek comes from the time when dentistry was predominantly solo practitioners, one-on-one with their patients.  Things have changed.  There is now a crowd involved, one that includes the insurance broker, the insurance company, the employer, and dental service corporations.

Dr. Hajek explains:  “I believe that these entities often put their own interests ahead of those of the patients.  Informed patients who take a hand in managing their own care can correct this.  Our goal is to help people become better-informed consumers who can make smart choices about their dental care.”